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Here at Saskuatch Outfitters we take pride in being a GO TEXAN brand. There is something truly touching about supporting other local businesses to make ours great! You will find a large mix of locally made items, apparel, hats, and more in our beautiful historic building in downtown New Braunfels, TX. 


Our designs are unique and one of a kind. From super soft comfy tee’s to our performance fishing and golf gear, you’ll be ready for anything wild! We specialize in making high performance hats that are water repellent and floatable! When you shop with us you are getting the best quality we can find! #dontsettleforless


Saskuatch means to "Release The Wild''. To us a sasquatch is mythical, mysterious, and wild. We made it unique to us by spelling the name in a new way and creating a brand that speaks to the wild outdoors. 



Brand ambassadors must be at least 18 years old with a passion for the outdoors (fishing, hunting, hiking, river rats, and of course TRAVEL)!


Our ambassadors are expected to post on Instagram and/orFacebook each week to help promote and build our brand. Posts should include photos and/or videos of you, your family, and/or your friends in our brand or discussing the materials and products.


  • Brand Ambassadors are for a 6 month term, We want everyone to get a chance to represent our brand. 

  • Must have a social media presence with regular posts, stories, etc.

    • Instagram and Facebook must be your main social media accounts for posting.

  • Weekly posts are a requirement to stay in the program. If you prefer to send us the images to us on our social media, that is considered 1 post for the week. Tagging us as a collaborator is encouraged.

  • Our target audience are people who travel and spend time outdoors.

  • 20% OFF all purchases while in the program.

  • 1 Free item per month (under $40) 

  • Early access to new items


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